We are heading to Clarenville on March 20th and 21st to play at Shamrock City. Come check us out, if you’re in the area!

We’re on TV!

Check it out! Season 2, Episode 7

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New Venue!

Here we go! We are finally getting to headline at Shamrock City (St. John’s). We are on both 11pm Friday and Saturday THIS weekend. Come down and scuff.

A Good Day!

Proud moment rant.
It’s been an absolute honour and thrill ride playing music with great friends over the past few years across the island with The Rolling Kings. What began as a bunch of buddies who loved sharing tunes and a sip together has brought us countless amazing experiences, memories and new friendships along the way. When we released our debut record “Raise A Glass” in January 2013, we had no idea how it would be received but we were primarily excited with having something tangible to show for our hard work over the years and to show the grand kids in a few years down the road. Not only did our immediate family members give us the obligatory nod of approval on our record, this record has elevated us to playing many incredible gigs with bands we have looked up to for years, garnered us multiple nominations for the East Coast Music Awards and gave us the honour of winning the Fans Choice Album of the Year at the MusicNL Awards. To this list, I would love to officially announce that we are OFFICIALLY the Top Selling record at the famous Fred’s Records in downtown St. John’s. Thank you beyond measure to all those who have supported the band to date in any and all forms, we are very grateful and richer for these experiences. Cheers to you all and this makes us all the more excited to dig into a second album. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Raise a Glass Reprint

All the stock is in stores or sold! We are getting a second printing of our album, Raise a Glass, done off so that there are many, many, many copies available for all the Rolling Kingdom to enjoy.

Welcome to the New Guys

What a great crowd last night at O’Reilly’s in St. John’s. We have had a few questions on the new faces, so we may as well make a round of introductions.

Last year, Michael Barker, a founding member of the band (and the guy who came up with the band’s name) decided to go back to school full-time. Since he did, he’s been doing amazing and knocking out A’s. Michael decided to step down and our new drummer, Perry Mercer, took over. Perry played his first gig with us at Shanneyganock’s Christmas show at The Delta.

Paul Hayward, our original whistle player and all-around nice guy, left the band this month to get on the family wagon. We are all very happy to announce that Paul and his wife, Kelly, are expecting their first child together. Kelly has a daughter, Lyla, who is very excited to be a big sister.

Scott Ring has been filling in for Paul here and there for the last few months and graciously accepted a permanent spot as our new whistle player.

We will be updating our page soon with the current roster!

The Recruiter

We are working hard on songwriting and grant applications for album 2. Here’s a sample off our grant demo. Self recorded original that we’re excited to share with you!

The Recruiter

Bridie Molloy’s

All weekend long on George Street, in the City of Legends. We are amped up to 3blast out some tunes! 1030 PM, Friday and Saturday. See you there!!!!

Bridie Molloy’s

Come see us all weekend long at Bridie Molloy’s! April 25th and 26th. Let’s make it the biggest party on the street.