Welcome to the New Guys

What a great crowd last night at O’Reilly’s in St. John’s. We have had a few questions on the new faces, so we may as well make a round of introductions.

Last year, Michael Barker, a founding member of the band (and the guy who came up with the band’s name) decided to go back to school full-time. Since he did, he’s been doing amazing and knocking out A’s. Michael decided to step down and our new drummer, Perry Mercer, took over. Perry played his first gig with us at Shanneyganock’s Christmas show at The Delta.

Paul Hayward, our original whistle player and all-around nice guy, left the band this month to get on the family wagon. We are all very happy to announce that Paul and his wife, Kelly, are expecting their first child together. Kelly has a daughter, Lyla, who is very excited to be a big sister.

Scott Ring has been filling in for Paul here and there for the last few months and graciously accepted a permanent spot as our new whistle player.

We will be updating our page soon with the current roster!

The Recruiter

We are working hard on songwriting and grant applications for album 2. Here’s a sample off our grant demo. Self recorded original that we’re excited to share with you!

The Recruiter

Bridie Molloy’s

All weekend long on George Street, in the City of Legends. We are amped up to 3blast out some tunes! 1030 PM, Friday and Saturday. See you there!!!!

Bridie Molloy’s

Come see us all weekend long at Bridie Molloy’s! April 25th and 26th. Let’s make it the biggest party on the street.

On the Way to the ECMAs

Robert is in the airport now making his way to PEI to check out the ECMAs. Wish us luck!

CBC Searchlight

We are looking for votes! Give us a listen and see if we’re fit to vote for! http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/The-Rolling-Kings

New Review

5 out of 5 stars- The Atlantic Seabreeze


Demo Time

We are getting ready for Album 2. We are starting work on our demo this week, so hopefully that will turn into a big, bright second album. We will try to find ways to get this music out for everyone to hear. Wish us luck!

ECMA Nomination!

We are super pumped to say that Raise a Glass has been nominated for a 2014 ECMA award!! Traditional Group Recording of the Year. Whooo!

December to Remember!

Ladies and Gentlemen, for those not in the know, we will be appearing this weekend at Erin’s Pub with our new buddy, Perry Mercer who will be taking over the drums this holiday season, while our beloved Michael Barker is out of the province. He will be joining us again for our 2 big holiday gigs as well! December 27th at the Delta, opening for Shanneyganock at their sold out Christmas show, and at The Johnson GEO CENTRE on December 31 for The Rolling Kings NYE Show! Tickets to this event are now very limited. O’Brien’s Music has less than a dozen left and Johnson Geo Centre is at around 15-20 as of today. Come get your tickets and ring in 2014 in the Rolling Kingdom with 300 rowdy revelers. Best view of the fireworks you’re gonna get. Tickets are 40 bucks, cash only at O’Brien’s Music Store and The Johnson Geo Centre.